Sunday, April 10, 2016

Whole Home Audio using Chromecast Audio

Whole home audio is awesome. I am using the following:

Kodi is installed on a mini ITX i3 Ubuntu box connected to my TV. Also installed on the Ubuntu box is pulseaudio-dlna. There are 3 Google Chromecast audio devices on my network in an audio group. The Chromecast devices are connected to my stereo in the living room, a boombox in the living room and a boombox in the bathroom. My music resides on another Ubuntu box and is served over NFS. On boot Kodi starts playing music in party-mode.

Interesting items on the Ubuntu Kodi device are:

  • Party mode autostart add-on
  • Auto-login set in Ubuntu
  • Kodi auto-start script
  • Pulseaudio-dlna auto-start specifying port 8082 so it does not interfere with Kodi web interface on port 8080

Controlling playback can be accomplished with whatever is convenient

  • Yatse Android remote app
  • Kodi web interface
  • Ubuntu Unity Launcher Kodi Remote

Kodi auto-start script

# Loop Kodi in case you exit by mistake.
while true

Kodi auto-start setting

Pulseaudio DLNA auto-start setting

Ubuntu Sound Settings

Kodi Sound Settings

Logitech boombox with Chromecast Audio

Yatse Android Kodi Remote App

Ubuntu Unity Launcher Kodi Remote

Kodi Web Interface

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