Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Theater PC Build with an Intel Core i3-3225

I built a small, quiet, and powerful home theater frontend for about 500 US dollars. Below are the parts I used. I purchased the items via Amazon Prime in late January 2013.

ProcessorIntel i3-3225 with HD Graphics 4000$134.99
MotherboardGigabyte LGA 1155 MOBO$104.99
CaseM350 Mini-ITX enclosure$37.85
MemorySamsung 2x4 GB memory$46.98
DiskCrucial m4 128GB SSD$113.79
PowerKinamax AC Adapter 12V 6A$10.73

My previous frontends were Zotac IONs with nVidia GPU. They are still fine HTPCs but I wanted something with a little more horse power. I am pleased with the performance of the i3 and HD Graphics 4000.

Ubuntu 12.10 is the operating system. I will mostly use XBMC with the PVR Addon for MythTV. I will occasionally use the standard MythTV frontend software instead of XBMC.

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