Sunday, December 16, 2012

XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV

Demonstration of the XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV.

XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV YouTube Demo

Software versions:

  • XBMC 12.0 RC-1 (Frodo)
  • MythTV .025 with fixes
  • Ubuntu 12.04

As of v12 (Frodo), XBMC features live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities. This allows you to watch live TV, listen to radio, view a TV guide (EPG), schedule recordings and enables many other TV related features.

XBMC Wiki page on PVR Add-on

Video captured using a BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card on Ubuntu 12.04.

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