Sunday, December 16, 2012

XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV

Demonstration of the XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV.

XBMC PVR Add-on for MythTV YouTube Demo

Software versions:

  • XBMC 12.0 RC-1 (Frodo)
  • MythTV .025 with fixes
  • Ubuntu 12.04

As of v12 (Frodo), XBMC features live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities. This allows you to watch live TV, listen to radio, view a TV guide (EPG), schedule recordings and enables many other TV related features.

XBMC Wiki page on PVR Add-on

Video captured using a BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card on Ubuntu 12.04.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

MythTV Ubuntu Nexus 7 Demo

Demo of running MythTV frontend on a Nexus 7 with Ubuntu 12.10 as the operating system. There is no hardware accelerated playback yet but hopefully it will come. I think the Nexus 7 running native MythTV frontend software would be pretty useful.



Ubuntu Nexus 7

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Android 2 Desktop

Android 2 Desktop is an Android app I wrote to push content from my phone to my desktop computer. This app will send the URL of the web page or YouTube video to view on your desktop.

You need to run the companion Python script on your computer. Before you can send URLs from your Android device you'll key in your computer's IP address and the port (default is 12345) using the Android 2 Desktop app.

You may need to modify the commands to run in I have it customized for my Ubuntu 12.04 system.

Project page:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Open Any File With One Command - xdg-open

When working in a terminal sometimes I want to open a file. I use the command xdg-open. This command will open the file in your preferred application. xdg-open is probably my most frequently used command. Here is a video demonstration of xdg-open.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Setting Up the MythTV Pretty Filenames Script

MythTV recording file names look like this: 1320_20120515120000.mpg. You can use a contributed perl script to create a symbolic link that looks like this: House_2012-05-14_9-00_PM_Holding_On.mpg

On my system, Ubuntu 12.04 MythTV 0.25, the perl script created by Chris Peterson is located here: /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/user_jobs/

You can set the script to rename your recordings after they are written with a MythTV user job but I prefer to run the script every hour.

This is the method I use. I setup my directory to hold the symbolic links and put my script in the /etc/cron.hourly directory. Below are the commands to set up the directory (your directory names will be different):

  • sudo mkdir /mnt/disk0/mythtv/pretty
  • sudo chown mythtv /mnt/disk0/mythtv pretty
  • sudo chgrp mythtv /mnt/disk0/mythtv pretty
  • sudo chmod g+w /mnt/disk0/mythtv/pretty

Create the script using nano text editor.

sudo nano /etc/cron.hourly/mythpretty

The script is just a one liner.

/usr/bin/perl /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/user_jobs/ --underscores --link /mnt/disk0/mythtv/pretty  --format %T_%Y-%m-%d_%g-%i_%A_%S

Make the script executable.

sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.hourly/mythpretty has many format options. You can read about here:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Custom MythTV Icon For Ubuntu Unity Launcher

To create an icon on the Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Launcher for a MythTV frontend with a certain window size, I created a text file ~/.local/share/MythTV800x450.desktop. I put the text below in the file. In Nautilus I set the file as executable and dragged the file to the Unity Launcher.
[Desktop Entry]
Name=MythTV 800x450 
Comment=MythTV 800x450 
Exec=mythfrontend -geometry 800x450
GenericName[en_US.UTF-8]=MythTV 800x450

Sunday, March 4, 2012

XBMC 500px Picture Addon Installation and Demonstration

I created an addon for XBMC to view photos from

The 500px addon can be found in the XBMC official addon repository for version 11 (Eden) or you can install it from the zip file at
The source code can be viewed here:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My MythTV Recording Stats

Here are my MythTV recording stats. This spans almost 2 years. During this period I dropped Cable TV. My stats should look allot different next year. I plan on moving to MythTV .25 in May 2012. I'll probably not bother saving and restoring the database. 
Number of shows:
Number of episodes:
First recording:
Friday May 14th, 2010
Last recording:
Thursday February 16th, 2012
Total Running Time:
1 year 9 months 3 days 16 hrs 14 mins
Total Recorded:
6 months 29 days 24 mins
Percent of time spent recording:
TitleRecordedLast Recorded#TitleRecordedLast Recorded
NBC Nightly News597February 16 20121WCBD-HD1906February 16 2012
Today533February 16 20122WCSC HD TV1191February 15 2012
Late Show With David Letterman433February 15 20123WTAT-FO302February 14 2012
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon418February 16 20124WCIV-TV180February 15 2012
Live 5 News This Morning244February 7 20125WCSC SD 214November 12 2011
NFL Football167January 22 20126WMMP-MY14January 25 2012
The Colbert Report103February 3 20117ETV14February 12 2012
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart91February 1 20118WCBD-DT4September 15 2011
60 Minutes62February 12 20129ETVW3November 27 2011
NCIS60February 14 201210SCC3January 31 2012
The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson54January 7 201211
Saturday Night Live52February 11 201212
The Mentalist51February 9 201213
The Middle50February 15 201214
College Football44January 2 201215
House41February 13 201216
Chuck40January 27 201217
Fringe39February 10 201218
NCIS: Los Angeles38February 14 201219
American Idol36January 22 201220
Cougar Town35February 14 201221
Live 5 News at 532December 14 201122
30 Rock32February 9 201223
Raising Hope32February 14 201224
Burn Notice27June 22 201125
The Office23October 27 201126
Football Night in America22January 1 201227
The Good Wife22January 29 201228
The Event21May 23 201129
Blue Bloods20February 10 201230
Two and a Half Men17February 13 201231
The Simpsons16January 15 201232
Up All Night16February 9 201233
Hot in Cleveland15February 16 201134
Rescue Me14August 31 201035
The Good Guys14December 10 201036
Rock Center With Brian Williams14January 30 201237
The Closer13January 3 201138
Detroit 1-8-712March 15 201139
Prime Suspect12January 22 201240
College Basketball12February 12 201241
The Chicago Code11May 23 201142
NFL Preseason Football11September 1 201143
Panthers Huddle11November 12 201144
Whitney11December 8 201145
MLB Baseball10June 25 201146
NASCAR Racing10September 10 201147
The NFL Today9January 22 201248
The Cape8February 28 201149
Fox NFL Sunday8January 8 201250