Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google Reader Feed Checker

I wrote this web app to check for possible dead Google Reader feeds.

To get started, download your Google Reader subscriptions and upload the file using the file uploader. The app will check each feed returning the number of entries and the last date. If an error is found an X will be by the feed. Hover over the X to display the error message. Check the feed manually before un-subscribing the feed from Google Reader.

Monday, August 22, 2011

GWT - Position Popup To Current Mouse Position

It took me a while to stumble upon how to position my popup at the current mouse position so I thought I'd share it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Watch a folder and send images to your Google Plus Instant Upload album

The bash script below will watch the PicasaWeb folder in your home directory for new files. When a new image is dropped in the folder it is uploaded to the Google Plus Instant Upload Picasa album. After the upload is complete the script launches your browser to your Google Plus photos. It also starts a Gwibber widget. If you want dent, or tweet the image URL.

# Blog post:
# 1. Watch ~/PicasaWeb folder. 
# 2. Upload new file to Picasa using Google CLI. 
# 3. Launch the browser to Google Plus photos URL. 
googleVersion=$(google --version)
echo $googleVersion
while [ 1 ]
  echo 'Watching directory: '$WATCHED_DIR 'for new files'
  while file=$(inotifywait -q -e create "$WATCHED_DIR" --format "%f")
    echo 'New file to upload to PicasaWeb:' $file
    notify-send -i "gtk-go-up" "Picasa Web Monitor" "Uploading image $file"
    mythtvosd --template=alert --alert_text="Uploading image $file"
    google picasa post --title "Instant Upload" "$WATCHED_DIR/$file"
    if [ "$googleVersion" = "google 0.9.5" ]; then
     url=$(google picasa list url-direct --title "Instant Upload" | grep "$file" | sed -e "s/$file\,//g")
     url=$(google picasa list --fields url-direct --title "Instant Upload" | grep "$file" | sed -e "s/$file\,//g")
    echo 'Picasa url: ' $url
    notify-send -i "gtk-home" "Picasa Web Monitor" "Image uploaded. Starting Gwibber and going to G+"
    python ~/Ubuntu\ One/scripts/ $url

Prerequisites and Instructions
  • You should be running Linux. I am using Ubuntu
  • You need the command inotifywait. On Ubuntu I installed it via sudo apt-get install inotify-tools
  • You must have a Picasa account
  • Install libnotify-bin for the notify-send command
  • Install Google CLI
  • Create "PicasaWeb" folder in your home directory mkdir ~/PicasaWeb
  • Copy and paste my bash script above into a file. I named mine
  • Make executable chmod +x
  • Start the bash script ./
  • Create some images and save them to the ~/PicasaWeb folder
  • Avoid using spaces and special characters in your picture file names. The Picasa Web direct URL will be encoded and won't match your file name. The grep statement will fail to show you the direct URL.

Let me know if you find any bugs in this script or if there is a better way to do it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Join Me On Google Plus

Create Images Of Messages

I created a web utility to create an image of messages, also known as dents. The images can be used when referencing messages in other systems such as Google Plus. To create an image you will need to know the numeric notice id. The format of the URL is:

Below is an image of Evan Prodromou's first dent. The URL for this image is:

To get the notice id for a dent find the dent on and click on or hover above the time the dent was published. You will see the numeric notice-id. That number is what you need to insert into this URL

StatusNet instances other than can be used by specifying the hostName parameter. The following are valid parameter names: h, hostName, host, and instance. For example:

If you have any comments please dent me at @pla1

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Official StatusNet Desktop Client Update Experience

It had been a while since I'd used the official StatusNet desktop client. I was prompted with a software update notification. The upgrade went off without a hitch. Version 0.9.1 looks good and is responsive. See screen shots below.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

XBMC Live TV with HDHomeRun

To watch live TV in XBMC using your HDHomeRun you need to configure your channels. You will need to create a text file containing a URI to each HDHomeRun channel. Here is an example URI: hdhomerun://1019DD95-1/tuner1?channel=8vsb:50&program=1. You then add a Video source in XBMC by pointing to the directory containing the text files you created.

Below is a graphic on composing the URI. The screenshot is of the HDHomeRun configuration tool on my Ubuntu system.

I put my files in a directory called "Live TV" in my Videos directory. Here is a screen shot of those files:

Below is a screenshot of what the channel line up looks like in XBMC.

Below is a video of live channel viewing in XBMC.

Below is a video of live channel viewing in XBMC on an Android Nexus 7 tablet