Saturday, June 19, 2010

XBMC Mythbox

XBMC Mythbox is a script that lets your XBMC home theater PC emulate a MythTV frontend. The features of release candidate 1 of Mythbox are very close to an actual MythTV frontend. You can edit your DVR schedule, play recordings, watch live TV, view the TV guide, and review upcoming recordings. The best feature of XBMC Mythbox is that it honors MythTV commercial flags. It allows the player to skip right over commercials. The Mythbox also resumes where you previously stopped viewing a recording. Below is my video demonstration of XBMC Mythbox.

Tools used to create the video:
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Blender 3D graphics application
  • Blackmagic Pro video input adapter
  • MythTV
  • XBMC

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