Monday, May 31, 2010 and Twitter Updates on TV

MythTV is a free open source home entertainment system. MythTV provides a hook to the On-Screen Display (OSD). With a little Python scripting you can display tweets and dents on the screen while your are watching recordings or live tv. It is interesting to read what the rest of the world thinks while you are watching an event on TV. Here are some use-cases for the microblogging On-Screen Display:

  • Election return twitter feed
  • Popular TV show twitter feed
  • Sporting event twitter feed (see demo below)
  • Stock ticker
  • Weather alerts

Below are two video demonstrations of displaying microblog messages on my TV. The first video is during the 2010 NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 race with the search term "NASCAR". It displays search results from and Twitter. The second video is just displaying my personal and Twitter messages while watching an episode of SNL.



Tweets and Dents while watching NASCAR Racing: Coca-Cola 600 2010
Tweets and Dents while watching SNL

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frater jason said...

It's like crowdsourced "pop up videos".