Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nikon D40X Flash Fix

I was miffed last weekend when I went to take some photos of my kitchen demolition. The flash on my Nikon D40X camera wasn't working. After some searching it was apparent that many people have had the same issue. Thankfully in the sea of search results I ran across this video that demonstrates the fix. In the photo below I added a red arrow pointing to the problem area. The copper clip had fallen off the black plastic pedestal. The few steps to fix it were:

  • Remove two screws on front of flash housing

  • Carefully remove the back off of the flash housing

  • Place the copper clip back on the plastic pedestal

  • Snap the rear of the flash housing back on carefully

  • Insert and tighten the two screws on the front of the flash housing

  • Have fun taking pictures in low light

  • Nikon D40X with the flash housing removed. Photo taken with my Google Nexus One.

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