Sunday, November 15, 2009

WANTED: 64-bit Amazon MP3 Downloader for Linux

The Amazon MP3 Downloader for Linux works well. Unfortunately there isn't a 64-bit version. I have requested a 64-bit version through Amazon's website. Please do the same. While you are at it request Ogg and FLAC downloads.

Response from Amazon

Hello from

Thanks for writing about the trouble you're having with the Amazon MP3 Downloader. I notice you were recently sent a promotion to purchase $5.00 worth of MP3's from . While we would like to be able to offer our MP3 down loader software to all of our customers in as many operating systems as possible, the closest we currently have to your operating system is a 32-bit version for Ubuntu. It may be faster for you to bypass our software altogether and download your music directly from our website as MP3 files.

I've included instructions below to download your music directly as an MP3 file. I have also included a link to the Linux 32-bit version of our MP3 downloader software. I can't estimate how long it would take to compile, test and get business approval for a 64-bit version of the downloader.

1 comment:

Gregor said...

Just had the same unpleasant surprise and mailed - they do not mention this on the pages, so it's actually quite careless to leave potential customers out in the cold with MP3-downloads they cannot download!

Wonder why they cannot just let me download a ZIP with all the stuff in, don't need yet another proprietary software just for downloading songs(!)

And yes, I pestered them for FLAC and mentioned that MagnaTunes offers this for years already...,-)