Saturday, June 13, 2009

South East Linux Fest 2009

The inaugural South East Linux Fest was held June 13, 2009 at the Clemson University Hendrix Student Center. The turn out was great. The event was very well organized. Tip of the hat to Dave Yates and everyone that had a hand in putting this event together. There were 20 sessions if you include the two keynotes. I attended the following:

Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier

openSUSE - Joe's keynote jump started the event with flying Geekos and discussion on the openSUSE project.

Mark Spencer

Digium - The creator of GAIM (renamed Pidgin), Asterisk and founder of Digium shared his insight and experiences growing Digium.

Brian Leonard

OpenSolaris - Brian demonstrated how to quickly create and deploy desktop and web applications using the Netbeans IDE. He then showed how to test those applications on various operating systems using VirtualBox. These are some very powerful tools that I use almost everyday. An overview of Developing Beyond Localhost can be found here.

Peter Graner

Ubuntu Kernel - Peter discussed the structure of the Ubuntu kernel team and the kernel development life cycle. He touched on the small differences from from Linus' tree. This session had the most technical nuggets of the sessions I attended. Very interesting stuff. You can review Peter's The Ubuntu Kernel slides here.

Chris DiBona

Google - Chris's talk about Google's use and promotion of open source software was informative and entertaining. Chris is very witty and had the crowd rolling with laughter. He discussed a few of Google's open source products GWT, Android and Wave. A special thanks for Google for GWT. I use it for Intranet applications at work. GWT enables me to deploy AJAX application without worrying about cross browser issues in a language I'm familiar with, Java.

Chad Wollenberg

Open Source in Education - Chad gave a passionate talk about his success in implementing open source software solutions in education. Open source software has saved Mecklenburg County Schools in Virginia many thousands of dollars. He had great tips on how to plant the seeds of open source software in education.

Semmy Purewal

Building Community-based Technology Centers with FOSS - Semmy Purewal is a visiting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the College of Charleston and a founding member of Free IT Athens. He discussed his experiences in providing low income communities with low cost computing using recycled computers, volunteers and open source software. His current project, the Gussie Greene Technology Center in North Charleston SC, is close to my home. Grassroots activism at its finest.

Paul Frields

Fedora - The day closed with Paul discussing Fedora's community and its relationship with Red Hat.

It was good to associate faces with the various podcasters that were in attendance. I'm looking forward to next year's South East Linux Fest. Congratulations SELF organizers!


Tony Miller said...

Greetings, Patrick! It was great to meet you in Clemson. You'll have to blog when you have done something interesting with the device you won (I can't remember the name now).

Patrick L Archibald said...

@Tony Good to meet you too. Will do on the device.