Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Removes "Search the Web" Button in Gmail

Google removed their "Search the Web" button in Gmail and Google Apps. Why would the world's leading Internet search company remove Internet search from their email web client. I'm baffled.


... said...

You aren't alone in your perplexity over Google's removal of the "Search the Web" option from Gmail, judging by these threads: ( (Vanished Search Button) (Search Web Option Missing) (Please Bring Back the Search the Web Button!)

File a suggestion with Google to bring back the "Search the Web" option via this link: (Suggestions > I have another idea > Other > Bring Back the "Search the Web" option!)

Also worthy of note is fellow Gmail user and expert commentator on emerging technologies, Steve Rubel, who wrote a thorough and excellent essay, "Making Gmail Your Gateway to the Web."

In it, he articulates beautifully what many Gmailers have tried to express about the value we gain from the "Search the Web" option and how it transforms (errr...make that "transformed" for the moment) Gmail -- WITH the "Search the Web" option -- into a powerhouse tool for running and organizing his business and communications.

If you are an employee of Google reading this thread, among the doubters about "Search the Web" and its usefulness, or among its ardent supporters, you will find Rubel's vivid demonstration enlightening:

Google, bring back the "Search the Web" option!

gartrout said...

Click the "Older Version" button at the top of the page. I did and now I have the older, better version up and running!

Patrick L Archibald said...

@MAMBOLERO Thanks I will submit a suggestion using the link you provided.

Patrick L Archibald said...

@Gary I want the new version and the "Search the Web" button.

Anonymous said...

Good post... just hope google sees it. I really really need that back... it's killing my efficiency.

Unknown said...

I started a petition to bring the "Search the Web" button back. You can find it at

... said...

Wonderful news: The Button is back! The Button works! hOSANNA! gLORIA IN eXCELSIS Deo! God bless the Good Ship Google and all who sail in her.

In an unusual reversal and almost one month to the day since they removed it, Google has restored the Search the Web option to Gmail.

Never let it be said that a respectful, organized, persistent, intelligent protest by subscribers won't make a difference. (It did at Facebook and now, at Google.)

Thank you, G-folk, for hearing us out and considering our comments and our needs. Likewise, thanks to the thousands of Gmail subscribers in the Google groups and forums who spoke up, wrote out, and bumped, bumped, bumped ;-)

Big thanks, too, go to Scott Wilson (Google Gone Bonkers), Steve Rubel (Making Gmail Your Gateway to the Web), CNET,, SearchEngineWatch, and among the host of bloggers across the web who helped get the word out, PLA Tech Notes.

Choukrane! Merci! Danke! Gracias!

JohnS said...

I liked it better when it was gone. I felt like I was in a focused gmail machine.

Unknown said...

Hey, some of us LIKE a focused Gmail machine! ;-)

Check out Steve Rubel's Making Gmail Your Gateway to the Web at