Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Network 2.0

I've revamped my home Ethernet network. Why? Because I recently installed MythTV on top of Ubuntu 8.10 and it exposed a new need for speed. Streaming HDTV requires more bandwith from my home network. I bought a couple of Ethernet switches capable of gigabit Ethernet. Installed one in my computer room where my MythTV server is located. My server has a gigabit Ethernet card. I ran a Cat5e cable from my computer room to my living room where I installed the other switch. I connected my PS3, Apple TV, and Tivo to this switch. The PS3 has gigabit Ethernet. I don't think Apple TV nor Tivo has gigE but at least the switches, PS3 and my MythTV server are talking at gigE speeds. I moved my wireless router from the computer room which is located at the end of the house to the living room which is in the middle of the house. Now I get much better wireless reception in more locations. Streaming HD video works great on my laptop over wireless. The newly wired PS3 also works much better as a MythTV media consumer. Up next: Build MythTV frontends for the living room and bedroom. With spousal approval we'll kiss Tivo goodbye.

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