Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post Ubuntu Installation Setup

After installing Ubuntu I customize my setup.

Install Microsoft True Type Core Fonts
sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

Install TN5250
sudo apt-get install tn5250

Keyboard shortcuts setup
1) Run gconf-editor
2) Find Apps -> Metacity -> Keybinding Commands
3) Click on command_1 -or any empty one upto- command_12
4) In "value" type the command you want to run
5) Move upto "global_keybindings"
6) Click on "run_command_x (x corresponds to the value at 3)

Some of my keyboard shortcuts
<Control><Shift>g - firefox
<Control><Shift>e - firefox
<Control><Shift>p - gedit
<Control><Shift>o - gnome-terminal
<Control><Shift>x - gnome-terminal -x tn5250 env.TERM=IBM-3477-FC

Download and install Google Earth

Download and install Sun's Java JDK

Download and install Netbeans IDE

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