Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post Ubuntu Installation Setup

After installing Ubuntu I customize my setup.

Install Microsoft True Type Core Fonts
sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

Install TN5250
sudo apt-get install tn5250

Keyboard shortcuts setup
1) Run gconf-editor
2) Find Apps -> Metacity -> Keybinding Commands
3) Click on command_1 -or any empty one upto- command_12
4) In "value" type the command you want to run
5) Move upto "global_keybindings"
6) Click on "run_command_x (x corresponds to the value at 3)

Some of my keyboard shortcuts
<Control><Shift>g - firefox
<Control><Shift>e - firefox
<Control><Shift>p - gedit
<Control><Shift>o - gnome-terminal
<Control><Shift>x - gnome-terminal -x tn5250 env.TERM=IBM-3477-FC

Download and install Google Earth

Download and install Sun's Java JDK

Download and install Netbeans IDE

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Google Calendar Views Application

Google Calendar Views logoAs of this writing I have over 90 Google calendars that I view several times a day. I found myself spending more time than I prefer toggling calendars. To save time I wrote a Java Webstart application called Google Calendar Views. With this application, you can create, save and apply views of like calendars. You can specify whether each calendar is hidden, selected, and its color. Once you add your Google accounts and setup your views you can quickly swap views. All account and calendar information is written locally to an encrypted embedded JavaDB (Derby) database on your computer. Read more about it, or view the YouTube video below and then give it a try.