Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sun Ray 2 Wireless

I have configured a Sun Ray 2 in my bedroom without running any CAT5 Ethernet cable in my walls.

I used a Linksys model WAP54G wireless access point configured in AP Client mode. It talks wirelessly to my Linksys WRT54GS router which is connected to my AT&T DSL Internet connection. I am using the Sun Ray's built-in VPN client to talk to the corporate firewall at work.

Samsung LCD TV with a HDMI/DVI cable to Sun Ray 2
Sun Ray 2 with built-in VPN
Linksys WAP54G wireless access point
Linksys WRT54GS wireless router
AT&T Netopia DSL Modem
Cisco PIX Firewall

Of course the Sun Ray 2 is silent so it makes a good sleeping partner. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi -- did you have any syncing problems with the sunray to samsung display? I have almost the same setup as you, sunray 2fs to samsung with dvi/hdmi cable. I can get a brief splash screen in 640x480 then it goes blank, did you need to hardcode resolutions somewhere?

Patrick L Archibald said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think I set the resolution with the following command from a Solaris session on the DTU:

/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utresadm -a -c 00144f7fccad -t default 1024x768@60