Saturday, June 16, 2007

Safari Browser for Windows

I've been using Safari for Windows version 3.0.1 since Saturday June 16, 2007. Here are my observations.

  • The fonts are crisper than in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • I like the progress meter built into the URL field.
  • Crashed three times so far.
  • Some links open a new window when I want them to open in a new tab. You have to hold down the Control key to force tabs.
  • Page-up and page-down keys do not work in some places, Google Reader, Google Calendar.
  • The version update link in the Help/About dialog box in Google Earth opens Safari to your default home page instead of the download link for Google Earth.
  • The jury is still on having to go to the bottom right hand corner of the browser and click it to resize the browser window.
  • Scrolling doesn't work with my TrackPoint middle mouse button.
  • Does not launch Java Web Start applications.
  • F11 for full screen not supported.
  • When composing a Gmail it does auto-wrap your text. It scrolls to right as you type on a single line.
  • Safari is not supported by Google Docs.

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